Finedon Parish Church Bells

Practice night Thursdays-New Ringers always welcome





There are 8 Bells with the Heaviest Bell weighing 21cwt


We currently have a band of 10 Ringers and are continually looking for new Recruits

Anyone from about the age of 10 Male or Female can ring bells

Click here to Learn more about Bellringing


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Please come along to see what it is all about,you will be given a warm welcome




Any ex Ringers who would like another go, also welcome

Some of the things ringers say about why they started:

"I live across the road and hear the ringing. I thought I would like to be involved".

"My children learnt to ring, and I thought if they can, so can I".

"The tower was short of ringers , so I had a go. Then I got hooked".

"I went along out of curiosity, had a go, and never looked back".

"It's nice to be helping to keep such a valuable tradition alive".

"It's something I always thought about doing, but never got round to until now".

"I learnt to ring years ago, but it's like riding a bike, you never completely forget, so now I've got more time, I took it up again".